The most ideal tupperware box for on the go or a picnic in the park! These silicone containers by trus. are leak proof and durable. This lunch box is an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic lunchboxes.

Silicone containers - leak proof.
You can safely store your food because of the vacuum lid. Take it with you to work, school or to a picnic in the park - sky is the limit. Ideal for bread, wraps, salads or pasta.

Replacement for
Plastic lunchboxes or single-use plastic bags.

Place on upper rack of dishwasher, or hand wash with dish soap and warm water.

End of life
Unfortunately, there is no proper solution yet for recycling silicone. However, silicone is 100% backyard compostable once the item has been burned.

Set of 2 containers: 700ml and 250ml
Made from food grade silicone
Free from hormone-disrupting and other harmful substances such as BPA, BPS, harmful plasticizers (incl.phthalates), formaldehyde, PVC and heavy metals
Suitable for dishwasher
Suitable for the microwave
Suitable for freezer and oven

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