SEM, A subtle pink shimmer suitable for all undertones. Apply on your lips and use the leftover as a blush or on your eyelids. The colour slowly fades from your lips and doesn’t leave ugly lines. Your LO moment with every touch up. A moment of taking care.

Clean Beauty
In our new moisturizing formula. More firm in the pot. Warm up the product with your finger and gently press to brake the surface barrier. The creamy formula will activate. Buildable for a more intense look. Organic French peppermint is optional for that fresh, tingly feeling.

Our packaging is 100% natural – frosted glass jars, paper stickers and finely crafted walnut lids from FSC certified wood. All lids have a unique grain pattern. The logo and circles on top give the lids their signature LO style, but what makes the caps truly unique is the milled thread that fits the glass jar perfectly. We use a cork inlay as a replacement for a plastic cap.

PLEASE NOTE: The SEM balm normally comes with a walnut wooden lid, but due to great interest in LO and longer production times with our supplier, the SEM balm temporarily comes with our bamboo lid.

Replacement for
Plastic and chemical lip balms or lipsticks.
No micro-beads.

Colour: SEM
Almond, Wonder, Jojoba: Emollients that keep moisture locked in
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride: A light, odour- and colourless oil derived from coconut oil. It is more stable than coconut oil and considered an excellent emollient. 
Bayberry: The only vegan wax that resembles the staying power of beeswax. It reduces stickiness and the 'greasy effect' in balm products, plus it has a really nice scent.
Candelilla: Vegan wax that provide a protective layer on your lips.
Iron Oxides, Mica, Zinc, Carmine, Silica, Titanium Dioxide: 100% natural pigments. Totally free from dyes FD&C, D&C and Lakes. Manufactured in the EU.
Peppermint: For that fresh tingly feeling. Increases blood circulation.