Natural Corn Dental Floss - 3x30m

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Our natural dental floss is made from compostable, corn-based PLA covered with vegetable wax and organic mint oil. Flossing daily helps to remove food debris and prevents bacteria from getting into areas that regular brushing cannot reach.  Dental Floss is vegan, not tested on animals and completely biodegradable. Our floss thread comes in a glass container, which is not only durable, but also looks nice. Packaged in a cute heart box makes it perfect as a gift.

Replacement for
Plastic non-biodegrable floss.

Materials: Corn-based PLA fLoss, vegetable wax, mint oil
Packaging: Glass container, carton box and a paper wrap around the floss
Colour: White
Packaging includes: A glass reusable container with flos + 2 refills (3x 30m).