An average person would use over 700 cotton rounds a year.

Our reusable bamboo fibre pads are gentle, soft, absorbent, and easy to use. It is compatible with all cleansers & makeup removers. It leaves your face feeling clean, soft, smooth and fresh. Suitable for dry, oily or combination skin, working with your skincare product to clean deep into your pores. Reduce your waste today - Every step you take counts! Use these pads again and again and see how much money you will save, and the landfills you reduce. Bamboo fibre is an environmentally friendly material. Bamboo grows really quickly, it needs less water than cotton and it absorbs more carbon dioxide. Win-win!


After each use, give it a quick rinse and wash the reusable bamboo pads on 40 till 60 degrees. 

Replacement for

Disposable cotton pads.

Payback period

For 100 disposable make-up pads, you will pay approximately €1. So for 1000 pads, you will pay €10. Each pad and the laundry bag can be used up to 1000 times.  With 12 pads, you can use them up to 12.000 times. Imagine how many single-use cotton rounds you will save! Besides, using these cotton rounds 12.000 times will save you €120.


Materials: Bamboo fiber
Diameter: 8 cm
Packaging: Cotton bag
Colour: Black or White pads + off-white cotton bag
Packaging includes: 12 reusable bamboo cotton pads + 1 cotton bag 

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