Hanaduri Colours Soap - Tea Tree and Camphor


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 About the makers

HANADURI is a multi-disciplinary craft & design studio founded by twin sisters based in Seoul, South Korea. They specialize in crafting handmade products that are reinterpreted in their own unique styles with motifs of nature, culture and everyday life. Inspired by various perspectives beyond the boundaries of time and space, HANADURI pursue concise and emotional designs that add warmth to your life with timeless value, simplicity and practicality.

Beautiful and functional handmade soap from Korean accessory and design house Hanaduri. Packed with nourishing ingredients for your skin such as pink clay and shea butter. Choose from four different soaps:

  • ChaCha: Tea Tree and Camphor scent. Soothing for breakouts.
  • BanDal: Peppermint scent. Cooling and clarifying.
  • JeJu: Sweet Orange & Lemongrass scent. Revitalizing and moisturizing.
  • SaRang: Rose and lavender scent. Purifying for irritated skin.


    Please note it is recommended to let soaps air dry. They should not be stored in a container that restricts air flow, such as cardboard or plastic.

    Replacement for

    Plastic bottled hand wash, shower gel, or face wash.


    Tea Tree and Camphor
    3.5 oz.
    2.75" x 2.75" x 1.25" / 6.9 x 6.9 x 3.1 cm.