Reusable Kitchen Cleaner + 3 refills


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The kitchen cleaner starter set comes in 100% biodegradable and compostable cellulose sachets which contain 4 grams of cleaner powder each. The powder turns into 500ml of liquid surface cleaner when mixed with warm water. Each refill eliminates a single-use plastic bottle. We do not ship water!

This zero waste kitchen cleaner is specifically designed for your kitchen surfaces. Cleans counters, tiles, stovetops and any other surfaces in your kitchen effectively. Makes your kitchen appear in shine and splendor and comes with a citrus scent.


Refill for life!

Replacement for

Single-use plastic cleaning bottles with chemical ingredients.

Your impact

Firstly, with each purchase you help to avoid single use packaging waste and contribute to world without plastic.
Secondly, you contribute 95% less CO2 emissions per order because we do not ship water.
Buy the bathroom cleaner starter set once, refill it infinitely and enjoy a zero waste cleaning experience – It is that simple!


Starter set contains 1x 500ml bottles & sprayer + 3x refill sachets.
Refills contain 9x compostable paper sachets.
Each bottle has a volume 500ml and is infinitely reusable & recyclable.
Our refill sachets contain 4g of cleaner powder for bathroom surfaces.
Made in Austria